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Company’s General Meeting on 26th June 2021

Company’s General Meeting on 26th June 2021

Financial result of the year 2020

The sole share holder of the company E - Centrum a.s. Michal Voráček has approved the financial result of the year 2020. The reached profit of the year 2020 in the amount of 18.008.899,56 CZK after taxation shall be divided in the following manner: The amount of 8.816.291,97 CZK will be transferred to the account of undistributed profit of past years. To cover the loss from company transformations 9.192.607,59 CZK will be transferred.

The Board of Directors is now broadened with another member. In the count of three, ing. Jiří Roček remains Chairman of the Board. Vice-chairman of the Board is ing. Hana Jurášková. The position of the third member is taken by Václav Kroczek.

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